From human-centered tech to casual direct deals: What can publishers and advertisers expect in 2022?

What's New in Publishing 23 Nov 2021 07:27

The recent privacy-related concerns raised among top tech companies like Google and Apple, the changes in online behavior, shopping experiences, and the rise of new advertising mediums are among the biggest changes marketers and publishers have to cope with. Covid-19 and the ad tech ‘arms race’ are also blowing the winds of change. The shape of digital is on the brink of big changes.

Digitalization and human-centered technologies

The first big change is the easiest to anticipate. Amidst Covid-related restrictions, many people found themselves using new online channels they would’ve otherwise missed out on. The survey conducted by Pew Research Center indicates there has been a rapid business shift towards interacting with customers via digital channels. People across the world have had to perform their regular activities, like work, communication, or studying, online. Nearly 40% of the survey’s respondents used digital technology at least in one new way at some point during lockdown(s). This includes shopping, video calls, new social media, online workouts, and hundreds of other activities.  

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