Platforms roll out tipping features, vying for user engagement and ad dollars

Digiday 09 Jun 2021 04:01
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June 9, 2021 by Kimeko McCoy

It’s a good time to be a content creator as social media platforms continue to roll out tipping features, creator programs and other monetization efforts for them to make money on their social channels. 

It’s why U.K.-based Abraxas Higgins recently left his full-time corporate job to pursue a career as a Clubhouse influencer and social audio strategist. 

It wasn’t something Higgins had planned to do, he said. But after gaining a following on the live social audio app, he took the leap. Currently, Higgins is one of the most popular people on the app, with more than 430,000 followers. Higgins said brand partnerships on the channel have become a main source of revenue for him. He declined to say exactly how much he earns but that brands like Ted Baker, Adobe and Amazon Prime Video have approached him for work hosting themed Clubhouse rooms.

While Higgins was able to attract a following without relying on small audience donations — essentially tips — on the platforms, he sees them as a way to support new creators. He considered them a way for platforms to engage creators, attract their audiences, and ultimately, increase user retention rates.

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