Europe’s press publishers & Microsoft call for Australian-style arbitration mechanism

What's New in Publishing 23 Feb 2021 08:00

Europe’s press publishers and Microsoft have struck an agreement to collaborate on a solution to ensure that Europe’s press publishers get paid for the use of their content by the Silicon Valley tech giants.

Industry trade bodies, including the European Publishers Council, European Magazine Media Association, News Media Europe, and European Newspaper Publishers’ Association have stipulated the solution “should mandate payments for the use of press publishers’ content by these gatekeepers and should include arbitration provisions, to ensure that fair agreements are negotiated.

“Such provisions should consider the model established by the Australian law, which enables an arbitral panel to establish a fair price based on an assessment of the benefits derived by each side in having the news content included on these gatekeepers’ platforms, the costs of producing this content, and any undue burden an amount would place on the platforms themselves.”

The agreement is in line with the objectives of the EU Digital Single Market Copyright Directive, which comes into force this June and takes its inspiration from the new Australian legislation that requires the tech gatekeepers to share revenue with news organisations.

However, according to Chartbeat, experience has shown that in the absence of Facebook, people go directly to publishers’ mobile apps and sites (as well as to search engines) to get their information.

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