What makes a high-performing Story, according to Instagram

Fourth Source 10 Oct 2019 09:47

Following research into the performance of thousands of Stories on its platform, Instagram has released insights on what makes them so effective.

According to Facebook IQ, 58% of Story viewers become more interested in a brand after watching them featured in a Story. With 500 million monthly active users, Stories are an unmissable opportunity for anyone looking to connect with a social audience. Whether you’re a brand creating organic content to keep your followers engaged, or a marketer generating Story ads as part of a media strategy, here’s how to make your creative shine.

Look and feel

Facebook was clear that creative content can make or break a Story’s performance. 56% of the brand’s sales lift can be attributed to the quality of the creative, so investing in high-quality assets is a must. Once you have, there are tips and tricks to optimise that content for Stories.

Tip: Grab attention with speed

People are consuming Stories content faster than any other mobile format. The habitual scrolling of the main feed has been replaced by tapping through Story frames at breakneck speed. Get your viewers attention with an impactful first frame, then use speed as a creative element to maintain it. Movement is crucial in the first few seconds of a post, particularly, for those with the sound off. The post needs physical action to grab attention and prove it’s worth watching.

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