Facebook whistleblower to detail tech firm's impact on health of children

Telegraph 04 Oct 2021 04:35

A whistleblower who claims Facebook has prioritised profits over safety and leaked thousands of pages of documents on the tech company will appear before MPs to present her case.

Frances Haugen, a 37-year-old former product manager at Facebook, will give evidence to MPs scrutinising the upcoming Online Safety Bill this month.

Damian Collins, a Conservative MP and chairman of the Joint Committee on the Online Safety Bill, said: “[Frances Haugen’s] central allegation is fundamental. It is that Facebook is well aware of the problems on the platform, and that extreme and controversial content drives engagement. That is their business and how they make money.”

The committee will also scrutinise industry executives from technology firms at its upcoming hearings. The Online Safety Bill imposes a duty of care over illegal and “harmful” online posts.

It will give UK regulators the power to fine technology companies fines worth up to 10pc of their turnover for failings.

Ms Haugen has leaked a string of internal documents from Facebook in recent weeks.

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