How You Can Use Quora as a Marketing Tool: It's Not Just for Personal Questions Anymore

Entrepeneur 12 Feb 2019 04:30
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Questions are the seed of human knowledge: If it weren't for the classic questions “What if I do this?” or “How can I do that?” we wouldn’t be where we are now. So it is natural that, with the development of technology and the democratization of the internet, people have more access to answers than ever before, which in turn increases their thirst to question.

And that's an important consideration because questions are sustainable; we’ll never run out of them; and everyone's got at least one. That is why user-run Q&A platforms like Quora ("a place to gain and share knowledge") pop up at the top of so many Google searches.

Although science and mysticism can be used to tackle most of our doubts, sometimes all we want is another human being (preferably one with firsthand experience in our chposen topic) to show the way; that's the humanistic aspect which makes Quora so popular. Like Wikipedia, Quora relies on and is propelled by the sharing of communal knowledge, allowing anyone who has a thorough understanding of a subject (a quality unfortunately rare sometimes) to contribute to the collection and curation of free-access information.

Like most things in life, results on Quora don’t come overnight. So it goes without saying that you’ll need to write with consistency in order to build a loyal audience and begin witnessing more tangible results to your strategy. Here, Cheng highlighted how writing one post every day (ideally at the same time) is crucial to achieving the results he himself aimed for in such a narrow time-frame.

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