Avoid This Common Mistake When Writing Your First Business Book

Entrepeneur 10 Jun 2021 04:00
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I had an interesting project come across my desk the other day. The author had worked out a solid marketing strategy for the business book he was writing. (Having a strong marketing plan is essential when writing nonfiction — professional publishers expect it.) He had secured two published authors to contribute to the book, one of whom had sold millions of books himself. And he had also partnered up with several leading executives to assist him in getting the word out once it was published. 

I was excited about the marketing plan, but something about the book itself didn’t “click” for me. I suggested the author chat with a literary agent I know for some market advice. The agent managed to put into words what I had only had a gut feeling about. 

Your book needs to solve a problem

Too many new authors think of a “mega-concept” for their first book. They want to go epic; they want to write a book that answers everything and is so useful that it will have something in it for everybody!

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