Tesco defends decision to cut black couple from ad

Campaign 19 Nov 2020 11:41

Tesco has defended its decision to cut a black couple out of a recent ad for its "Food love stories" campaign, which caused a backlash on social media. 

Model and actress Vanessa Vanderpuye posted on Instagram Stories yesterday that she had been cut from a scene that she filmed for a Tesco commercial. An image of the scene [pictured, above], which journalist Nadine White posted on Twitter, features Vanderpuye and co-star Ezekiel Ewulo playing a couple.

Vanderpuye said on Instagram that she was disappointed that the supermarket had cut the scene without telling her or her agent ahead of time: “For me it was disappointing because in my heart I know why they cut us from the commercial, which is so sad.

“I’m always the token black girl and I always have a white husband… So to be casted as a dark skinned couple for the new Tesco commercial, I was so excited because I’ve never seen that before on UK TV screens.”

Vanderpuye also claimed that there had been conversation in the casting room about her afro hairstyle. 

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