LG's fancy Velvet phone fully revealed in new video

Mashable 20 Apr 2020 08:55
Nice, eh?
Nice, eh?

A week ago, LG announced a smartphone that embodies a new philosophy for the brand. 

The first thing it changes is the naming scheme; instead of using alphanumerical designations (LG V60 ThinQ doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it), the company is moving toward "familiar and expressive names." Hence, the new phone is called LG Velvet. 

LG Velvet is also different in terms of design, with clean lines, symmetrically curved edges, and the "Raindrop" triple camera on the back. 

Now, the company has shared a video that shows the new phone from all sides. Check it out: 

Not everything has been revealed: we still don't know all the official specs. But the video confirms a rumor that said the LG Velvet is a 5G phone with a mid-range Snapdragon 765 chipset, which should make it powerful enough for most users, and yet cheaper than the top flagships of today. 

Since the video shows the LG Velvet from all sides, we see that LG still hasn't given up on the headphone jack — an increasingly rare feature on phones these days.

The video also shows that LG Velvet will be available in four colors: white, black, green, and an orange/purple combo. 

The same source that had the partial specs for the Velvet said a May 15 launch date for the phone is likely. We don't know if that's accurate, but given how openly LG shows the phone in this latest video, a launch is bound to happen soon. 

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