YouTube Festival: ‘Bothism’ can deliver ‘12% incremental reach’ on TV plans

Campaign 12 Oct 2021 11:35

Industry leaders, including Mark Ritson, Manning Gottlieb OMD's Natalie Bell and BT Group's Graeme Adams, have endorsed YouTube’s ability to deliver between 12-15% incremental reach when used in tandem with TV plans.

All were speaking at the streaming platform’s annual upfronts event, YouTube Festival (see it in full in the video below), at which other content included creator case studies, including from supermodel and activist Naomi Campbell and comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg, and an interview with musician Ed Sheeran.

What the festival lacked, at least when viewed by Campaign on the morning of Tuesday 12 October, were announcements about new advertising innovations that are a common feature of upfronts events.

The most relevant message to advertisers was that YouTube should not be viewed as the enemy of TV. Instead, it should be seen as delivering incremental benefits when applied in tandem with TV and other traditional media plans. 

Incremental reach is important to advertisers, particularly among younger demographics, who are not as likely to be watching broadcast TV.

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