How Scruffs Workwear raised sales and laughs with ‘Attenborough on Site’ campaign

The Drum 29 Nov 2019 03:06

Electric House was highly commended for ‘Best use of Facebook’ at The Drum Social Buzz Awards 2019 with its ‘Attenborough on Site’ campaign for Scruffs Workwear. Here, the campaign team reveals the challenges faced and strategies used to deliver this successful project.

The challenge

Tradespeople are often brand loyal, and while they can be convinced to experiment, this behavioural change is often based on a sales promotion.

Scruffs Workwear approached Electric House with two clear objectives: to generate brand awareness and increase consideration for purchase of Scruffs Workwear. With workwear being such an important part of everyday site life, Scruffs wanted to be at the forefront of people’s minds when purchasing workwear.

The campaign brief was to create a social media content campaign which achieved the following objectives:

  • Entertain and engage the trade.
  • Raise awareness of the Scruffs Workwear brand/products.
  • Encourage affinity between users and the Scruffs brand.

A three-part strategy was devised which encompassed a drumbeat of daily social media community management, brand engagement spikes through use of viral video content, and product reviews to increase movement from consideration to purchase within the marketing funnel. We would engage with our On The Tools community on Facebook community to help share and amplify the content.

To create standout, and entertain the trade audience, the creative theme was David Attenborough inspired. A national treasure, he is admired and respected by all ages and genders, and that’s exactly what we needed for this campaign. We hired an impersonator to narrate our videos and ended up creating some of the most viral content of 2018. Filmed in a user generated style, the videos placed David Attenborough on site, narrating those working.

Through the use of a strong creative narrative, and a consistent three part strategy, the campaign achieved double digit sales growth for Scruffs Workwear and propelled the brand to the third most viewed brand on Facebook in 2018.

The first Attenborough video also resulted in Scruffs Workwear being ranked number one for sponsored content in the UK for July 2018; with the second Attenborough video being the most watched piece of branded content globally in October 2018.

This increased affinity was also solidified by the management of the Scruffs social channels. The Scruffs Workwear Facebook page following increased by over 20k (from 37,087 to 57,702). And, with the content we provided to the channel, we also gathered another 8.3 million views for the brand.

An independent research study also showed that Scruffs had moved from fourth to first in their sector on the parameters of quality, comfort and technical specification following the campaign!

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