How advertisers are shifting mindsets to succeed amid iOS 15 and other identity challenges

Digiday 24 Nov 2021 07:28
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On top of the impending cookie deprecation, Apple’s recent iOS 15 changes are causing concern for many advertisers by affecting pixels, IP addresses and email addresses. 

While these upcoming changes may be concerning for many, shifting mindsets and getting away from a binary way of thinking with solutions being 100% contextual or 100% universal IDs can help stakeholders put the pieces together and tackle these challenges and those still yet to come. 

And this is not uncharted territory; there have been dynamic approaches throughout the recent history of the advertising industry, with some solutions having never needed cookies at all. 

In this article, we’ll look at four essential mindsets for succeeding in the face of identity challenges, such as the iOS 15 updates and the disappearance of the last of third-party tracking technology. 

With Apple blocking pixels, advertisers will need to look at email metrics beyond open rates 

Apple’s iOS 15 update blocks open pixels, and while this is scary to some, our experts say to embrace it. 

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