How to (Finally) Start Landing High-Ticket Clients of Your Own

Entrepeneur 23 Sep 2020 05:00
How to (Finally) Start Landing High-Ticket Clients of Your Own
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While many entrepreneurs are able to make a living within their current network, there's no denying that they could be far better off if they were able to land a few more high-ticket clients. These so-called dream clients pay at higher rates and allow you to work smarter, not harder — dramatically increasing revenue without having to scale your team or up how many hours you work each day.

Of course, landing these clients is a process, but following some tried-and-true steps will help, and make you much happier (and more profitable) in long run.

Determine who you actually want to work with

To find high-paying clients, you need to identify problems that actually need to be solved. This requires evaluating your own areas of expertise, as well as the current needs in the market, to identify which groups would have the greatest interest in what you have to offer.

Generally speaking, this means you should focus on needs, rather than wants. While it’s true that brands like Netflix have achieved their growth by solving a want like easier access to movies and TV shows, focusing on needs tends to have greater longevity — especially for B2B providers.

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