Technology is key to face off disruption - Better Than Paper MD

News and Insights 11 Jun 2018 12:37

As a technology vendor, Better than Paper was founded with the aim to support businesses with digital transformation in the publishing and corporate content marketing sector. New FIPP member, founder and managing director Ashwin Saddul explains their mission: democratising publishing technology to make it affordable and accessible to all types and sizes of publishers.

For publishers to be entrepreneurial in the face of rapid market disruption, they need to be empowered, says Ashwin Saddul, founder and managing director of the London based, Better Than Paper. The best way to achieve this is to give publishers innovative but affordable technology.

“I sense a very palpable melancholic mood amongst some publishers. The industry is being utterly disrupted. Business models are being turned on its head. As a technology provider it is our responsibility to empower publishers to effectively use technology to mitigate the (negative) impact of these fundamental changes. No, to go even further. To level the playing field and give all publishers - big and small - the tools to experiment with their own format quickly, efficiently and gain the upper hand.”

Unfortunately, explains Saddul, the fear of failure when it comes to experimenting with new and better technology has paralysed many publishers. Those with small budgets avoid the expenditure, those with larger budgets have an ingrained fear of blowing the remaining budget and then having to explain to the board of directors or senior management why it didn’t quite work – especially true of legacy publishers who have already spent massive amounts of money on their now outdated systems and cannot justify any more expenses on new solutions.

This is simply outdated thinking, says Saddul, who self-funded the launch of Better Than Paper in 2011. His digital publishing platform went live in 2015. “Our aim was to give publishers the tools to be entrepreneurial once more by stripping away these fears because we know we can de-risk experimenting with new opportunities by keeping costs low. In this way technology should liberate publishers from current constraints. It’s an important role for us in the current fragile ecosystem.”

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