How to create a better user experience to convert fly-by users into loyal subscribers

What's New in Publishing 14 Sep 2021 09:19

Encouraging existing customers to make greater use of your website is easier than attracting completely new visitors, and publishers are looking for ways to deepen their relationships with visitors so they stay on their sites for longer and click through to other stories, pages, and videos. If they have visited once or twice, chances are they can be persuaded to come again. That means working out what attracted them to your site in the first place and making sure you give them more of it.

The key is to create an experience that your readers find exciting and that taps into their passions. So publishers and news brands are experimenting with different levels of personalization to improve the experience of visitors to their sites and to encourage them to become more loyal, regular readers.

Winnipeg Success

Canadian news provider Winnipeg Free Press found that after it introduced personalized content recommendations on its website, readers spent on average three times as long on the site and the number of pages they viewed per visit doubled from five to ten.

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