4x increase in subscription revenue: How The Economist used customer data to boost acquisition and engagement

What's New in Publishing 12 Feb 2019 10:30

Is there a time of day when you are more likely to donate to a cause? Or buy a new pair of shoes? You may not know the answers, but if you are active online, there are companies that can often predict your behaviors and choices, with uncanny accuracy.  

They do it through the use of customer data platforms that provide them access to information which can help them better understand the behavior of their consumers, such as when they engage with websites, and what content they read.

Customer data platforms

For each digital action we take, there is likely a parallel action tracking it, and this raw data is the currency for a new era of advertising and marketing. At a time when journalism is facing tough challenges, more news media publications are turning to customer data platforms to harness this information.

Headquartered in Portland, Lytics is one of these customer data platforms. Founded in 2014, Lytics created a software—known as Content Affinity Engine— for The Economist, helping to deliver articles to readers that are contextually relevant in that moment.

The results of the partnership with Lytics has been nothing short of spectacular,” said Steve Lok, the then Global Head of Martech at The Economist. “They’ve played a key role in The Economist’s ability to quadruple our subscription revenue over the last three years.”

360° view of the customer

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