EA wants the next 'Battlefield' game to be a viral moments generator

Mashable 09 Jun 2021 03:10
Image: ea / dice

When a Battlefield game makes noise on the internet, it's almost always because some player pulled off a ludicrous stunt, like jumping out of a flying jet to shoot down another jet with a rocket launcher, and then hopping back into the first jet's cockpit

Colloquially referred to as "Battlefield Moments," Electronic Arts wants to turn these typically rare happenings into a regular source of excitement for players in Battlefield 2042. The upcoming next chapter in the long-running series brings some big changes for its debut on the new consoles, but the most dramatic shift up front may be the way EA is pitching it.

The publisher's first-look trailer for the next military shooter from Swedish developer DICE isn't subtle. Eschewing gameplay in favor of a vibe, the Battlefield 2042 hype reel draws on a number of classic viral clips for inspiration as it showcases hectic firefights where everyone is scoring their own action hero moment.

Whether or not it can actually deliver remains to be seen. But as DICE shared during a pre-E3 preview meeting, the studio is working to ensure that 2042 has all the pieces it needs to juice up the potential for clip-worthy Battlefield Moments to spill out of any given match.

The scaled-up maps are necessary because of a major change in Battlefield 2042: For people playing on PC, PlayStation 5, or an Xbox Series console, game lobbies will top out at 128 players, or double the max of Battlefield games from the recent past. (A separate release for PS4 and Xbox One will cap the lobby size at 64.)

Variety is the key word here, and the fuel for EA's hope that Battlefield 2042 can more capably encourage the kinds of zany, clip-worthy moments that fans love. By giving players more options on the ground and in the moment, the hope is there will be less of the friction that in the past has slowed down the pace and intensity of matches. Even something as simple as more ziplines between skyscraper rooftops, or a carefully placed ramp is driven by this idea of encouraging more happy accidents. 

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