The CMS is holding publishers back from delivering better digital ad experiences

What's New in Publishing 08 Apr 2021 07:00

Publishers have long treated editorial and advertising as “church and state.” But, that old wall is starting to crumble, as brands pay higher and higher prices for custom sponsored articles, advertorials and other high impact content-driven experiences. But, for the rest of the ads served on a site, the wall is still there—firmly. And the problem is with the technology.

There are two distinct technology sets that grew up separately for “church” and “state”—ad tech and content management. These two systems don’t just exist in separate universes, their lack of integration actually hurts brands, visitors and publishers. Typical issues that publisher sites have as a result are slow load times, poor search results, ad clutter, lack of measurement, non-contextual advertising, poor site usability and more.

According to the analytics firm SimilarWeb, the average bounce rate for news and media sites is over 55%. That figure means more than half of visitors never make it to these websites.

Publishers Take Power Back

Smart publishers are at the beginning of a digital renaissance—finally. Publishers have the opportunity to fix their problems with a unified solution that makes a better experience for audiences and offers better opportunities for advertisers.

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