The conversation around men’s magazines need to change: Insights from MEL magazine

What's New in Publishing 23 Sep 2020 07:00

In this episode Josh Schollmeyer, co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of online men’s magazine MEL, takes us through working at the legacy print behemoth Playboy, why that convinced him men’s magazines needed to change and the branded media business model that is at the heart of MEL’s success.

In the news roundup, we discuss growth and success at The Atlantic, The Athletic, El País and Future plc, and come away hopeful for once.

The full transcript is available here, but our highlights are below…

What is Mel Magazine?
…Me working through some shit! I had been working in men’s media at Playboy for about five years, and I was really frustrated with a very narrow, very stereotypical, very outdated mode or archetype of masculinity.

I wanted to really investigate what was the place of the modern man in a rapidly changing society. I really was trying to figure out as a 30-something straight white male at the time, what was my place in the world?

On Playboy and The Hef
You have to hope that what you’re experiencing is also what your audience is going through. At times when you experience the fame, people would always ask me about what [Hugh Hefner] was like, and I’d always say he’s the nicest guy you can meet who’s been insanely famous and rich for 60 years, but he hasn’t left his home in months, so there’s a context there, he’s not living the same life that his readers are.

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