Why retention needs to be a bigger priority for magazine media in 2019

What's New in Publishing 12 Feb 2019 10:00

As increasing numbers of news and magazine media publishers around the world look to reader revenue strategies for sustainable business growth, retention has taken on new importance across the magazine media landscape. 

This year may very well be the year of retention, for publishers will be looking at strategies to keep their audiences and subscribers and members and followers, if they haven’t already. As research suggests, retention is about engagement, loyalty, and long-term customer relationships, personalisation, and avoiding churn.

“Publishers, like all businesses, need to walk before they could run,” said Nikolay Malyarov, EVP, chief content officer and general counsel at PressReader. “In 2018, publishers were learning how to get people to subscribe again (walking). Now, they need to get them to keep coming back for more (start running).”

Create a habit by continually feeding readers’ desire for quality and diverse content, but do so without spamming them, he said. “People love discovering new, relevant content,” he said. “PressReader’s machine learning algorithm, which powers its home feed, has been shown to retain the interest of readers longer because it exposes them to interesting content they might otherwise not see.”

Publishers need a sufficient quantity of unique, and differentiated content, and should surprise and delight their readers with small tokens of appreciation, Malyarov says, like The Atlantic, which tries to find little rewards for subscribers.


Reducing churn

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