Digital Platform Conductor Tools - A New Term For What I&O Leaders Need Now

Gartner 07 Apr 2021 03:30

I’m happy to announce that our Innovation Insight for Digital Platform Conductor Tools has published! You may be wondering what a Digital Platform Conductor (DPC) tool is and why I am excited about it. I’m bullish on this innovation because it addresses a neglected but critical digital business issue. Here’s the dilemma. Digital business makes enterprises more dependent on infrastructure than ever. At the same time, though, it has never been more difficult for I&O leaders to see what hybrid digital infrastructure they have and ensure it delivers value.

“Digital Platform Conductor tool” is the term Gartner is using to describe the rise of tools that enable I&O leaders to strategically manage across their infrastructure, regardless of environment or location. This is a trend we are seeing emerge from many different markets. Vendors in segments/subsegments such Cloud Infrastructure & Service Providers, Experience Management, Performance Analysis Tools, Data Center Technologies and Managed Service Providers, and Delivery Automation are all adding features for managing infrastructure outside of their traditional scope. While many of these vendors may want to become the “one tool to rule them all”, the breadth and depth required to play this role for all infrastructure now and in the future makes this impossible. Furthermore, the I&O leaders we talk to have heard those promises before, and they also realize a “magic tool” can’t save them.

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