7 Effective Delivery Skills for Public Speaking

Entrepeneur 07 Apr 2021 11:15
7 Effective Delivery Skills for Public Speaking
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I don’t know a single person, even a seasoned professional speaker, who doesn’t get at least a few nervous butterflies before they speak. But I’m also aware there’s a big difference between a few excited butterflies and paralyzing fear. Let’s review some of the main areas of delivery and strategy and provide exercises you can do to practice and improve.

When it comes to public speaking, making and maintaining eye contact can be tough. But making eye contact helps people trust you. If you’re scared of making eye contact, here are some exercises to try until you can get it right.

First, make “eye contact” by scanning the top of heads in the room. If you have a room of 25 plus, the only people who’ll realize you’re not making direct eye contact with them are the person you’re looking at and potentially the ones next to him. Next, graduate to the forehead. Get comfortable with the forehead, then make your way slowly to the eyes. It’s systematic desensitization.

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