Roadmap for effective digital transformation: FIPP D2C Summit

What's New in Publishing 09 Jun 2021 07:15

As part of the on-demand videos at the forthcoming FIPP D2C Summit, James Hewes from FIPP and Carola York, VP of Publishing at Jellyfish, discuss what’s needed if a publisher is looking to embark on a digital marketing transformation project. 

As a preview of what’s in store at the Summit, the full video from this session can be viewed towards the end of this article, and for those who are time-poor, there’s a brief summary below. To attend the full D2C Summit (online from 15-17 and 21-24 June), register at

James Hewes: When it comes to direct-to-consumer revenue strategies around digital subscriptions, what is it that publishers should be looking to achieve?

Carola York: The best subscription marketing teams use data for end-to-end measurement and messaging. They build an in-depth understanding of the entire customer journey. They know how and where to focus customer engagement efforts. And they apply the latest in automation technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. But getting the right technology in place can be confusing, and then properly wiring it together can be a real struggle. And most subscription marketers are not technical gurus, or mathematicians, or data scientists so need some support. 

  • Emerging. In these organisations, there’s likely to be more use of first-party data, targeting audiences based on their awareness or purchase intent. There will be greater testing happening, but it’s still likely to be on a channel-by-channel basis. And they’ll mainly use last-click attribution. If they use an agency, there’s likely to be a more integrated approach than at the Nascent level.
  • Multi-Moment. Very few publishers or even leading brands are at this level. Those who reach this have a holistic customer view with fully linked online and offline data. They use personalised creative, coordinated and sequenced across channels, which is automated and delivered ‘in-flight’, determined by business outcome or lifetime value KPIs.

Jellyfish, part of the Fimalac Group, is a global partner in digital marketing and transformation to some of the world’s leading publishers, including Hearst Magazines UK, TIME, FT Specialist and Arena Holdings, as well as brands such as Samsung, Uber, Spotify & eBay.

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