How 5 media companies around the world are using eCommerce

What's New in Publishing 02 Dec 2019 06:30

In this series from our comprehensive report on publishers and eCommerce, we’ve already explored how major publishers like BuzzFeed, POPSUGAR and Marie Claire UK are innovating in this space. Alongside these three publisher deep-dives, we also wanted to highlight some of the other interesting examples of eCommerce which can be found across the global media landscape.

Here are five case studies which caught our eye, from Heart Media and Dennis Publishing to Associated Media, NBC Universal and The Today Show:

Associated Media Publishing (South Africa)

Associated Media Publishing (AMP) is South Africa’s leading independent publisher of women’s media brands. This includes local, and international titles such as Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping/Goeie Huishouding, House and Leisure and Women on Wheels. 

They reach c.3.5 million consumers a month through online, digital and events. Last year AMP generated around 6,253 pieces of original content, which garnered 85 million views.

In January 2019, after 15 years, AMP announced that they were not renewing their licence to print a local version of Marie Claire, instead focusing on digital output and events. This is part of a wider effort by AMP to reinvent the relationship between a magazine and its audience, a relationship which also includes a retail angle.

AMP saw an immediate upswing in eCommerce related activity following this effort. From mid-December 2018 to mid-April 2019, QR scans grew from 7,000 to 17,430, page views in their shops grew from 47,000 to 84,441. Subsequently, the number of products available to purchase more than doubled from 1,500 to 3,174.

Importantly, as Pete Wootton, Chief Digital Officer of Dennis Publishing has outlined, BuyaCar purchases vehicles from franchise dealers, but not until an order has been made, thus avoiding any liabilities associated with holding stock.

Heart Media (Singapore)

Although advertising and events are their primary revenue sources, the company does invest in eCommerce. “We invest in e-commerce to understand how it works, but not to operate it,” their Olivier Burlot has said, offering a potential model other publishers may look to emulate.

NBCUniversal (USA)

Reporting on the announcement, The Hollywood Reporter wrote

Separate to this, Today has a separate site for coupons, vouchers and promo codes, and a larger online shop which features articles (e.g. “The best gifts for 1-year-olds, according to child development experts,” “8 high-tech gifts for the self-proclaimed gadget geek” and “25 gift ideas Grandpa actually won’t return,”) as well as links to fashion items on Amazon, a section enabling you to “shop what you saw on the show,” and more.

The site is very transparent about the fact that it makes money through affiliate relationships; offering a potential benchmark of openness that others would be well served to follow.

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