The best gaming laptops of 2020

Telegraph 25 Mar 2020 12:39

Gaming laptops are a serious investment, compared to a console or decent desktop set-up, but there are also clear and considerable advantages to a gaming rig you can pick up and take on the move.

While many purists will attest to the power and adaptability of a gaming PC, a good gaming laptop quite literally takes you places your desktop can't. Even if you just need a piece of kit you can take to a friend's house or university.

How to buy a gaming laptop

Graphics are king when buying a gaming laptop - at the very least you will want to make sure to buy a laptop with a serious graphics card (GPU) built in.

Nvidia's GeForce series remains the most popular pick for top devices. You should look for the manufacturer's latest chips; the new 10-series configuration or, preferably, the latest GTX 2080.

At the same time, the 1080/1070/etc provide better value (and work with games which don't support ray-tracing yet) and can be upgraded to the 20 series at  a later date.

For a breakdown of the best-performing graphics cards Notebookcheck has a chart judging the frame rates of the latest chips against some of the most demanding video game releases, such as  and .

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