The Lucky 7 Steps to Channel Sales Success

Entrepeneur 25 Nov 2021 03:00

Launching a channel sales program can help you accelerate your revenue growth. This article will help you learn how best to set up a channel sales program by tapping into the large customer bases of third party business partners. Think of it as "one-to-many" selling, as opposed to the "one-to-one" efforts most inside salespeople pursue.

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More often than not, growing businesses use sales and marketing efforts to drive their revenues. Marketing basically uses advertising and other techniques to bring leads into the business. Your sales team either closes the leads handed to them by the marketing department (inbound sales), or they actively hunt new end-clients down with prospecting efforts (outbound sales). But there is another path that most companies don’t pursue, which could be the most effective for quickly scaling your revenues, and that is channel sales. This post will help you understand what channel sales are, and how best to set up your channel sales efforts for maximum success.

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