How to hire the best marketing team

Fourth Source 05 Mar 2020 09:00

Hiring people is hard work. It can take a long time to find the right person, and the job doesn’t stop there – you need to train them, make sure they work well with the team, perform the job at hand and stay for long enough to make all the effort worthwhile.

The flipside is, of course, that if you find the right people, you can build a loyal, hard-working and friendly team. Having such a group makes it much easier to plan and can take your company to new heights.

As Head of Talent Academy at Celerity, I’m responsible for our Young Talent Recruitment and Development programme, Talent.ED. It means that the majority of my days are spent thinking about working on our recruitment strategies and practices, our training and development opportunities and our current employee’s benefits and career trajectories. While the same rules won’t apply for every hire, some hiring practices work well across all organisations, and particularly in marketing. If you can employ some of the following tactics right away, I can almost guarantee that you’ll see an improvement in your hiring decisions.

Keeping your new hires

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