Why women’s sports enthusiasts are a vital but untapped audience for British brands

Fourth Source 01 Aug 2019 08:00

In the last decade, we have seen the popularity of women’s sport grow in the UK, with this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup a prime example of this. A record-breaking 28.1 million people, equating to almost half (47%) of the UK population, watched the BBC coverage of the event on television and online. This is more than double the audience size for the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada and makes it the most-watched women’s football competition. However, despite the success of this tournament, research has identified that more promotion is needed as the demand soars, not only for women’s football but for women’s sport in general.

Although this tournament in particular has seen widespread coverage, fans are struggling to keep up to date with numerous other women’s sports as very few mainstream British broadcasters offer access to this content. Not only is the lack of availability a missed opportunity for broadcasters, but it’s also a missed opportunity for brands, with numerous women’s football fans having stated they’d be more likely to support a brand that supports women’s sport. But how can brands tap into the growing women’s sports fan base and what are the potential outcomes of doing so?

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