In a time of crisis it’s vital all data is ‘good’

Fourth Source 29 Apr 2020 08:00

Working from home and worried about the future of your business? You are not alone in a very challenging economic environment.

Nevertheless, forward-thinking businesses have an opportunity to use the time and space outside their busy office wisely. They have the chance to think about how they can improve their business practices so they can come back stronger and ensure they hit the ground running once the crisis passes.

One of the most important elements marketers need to consider is their customer data. Having access to clean and accurate customer data holds the key to helping organisations survive and ideally thrive in these troubling times.

Good and bad data

The issue is the mindset of many marketers. Too many view their customer data in a binary way – ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Just because data might be missing an element or be seen as old, doesn’t mean it’s ‘bad’ and should be discarded. Also, in today’s big data world it’s difficult to classify data in this way, especially when the driving force behind delivering improved marketing and business success is derived from effectively analysing and cleverly using customer data.

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