If Your Marketing Plan Doesn't Have These 5 Components, It's Doomed

Entrepeneur 15 Oct 2020 11:00
If Your Marketing Plan Doesn't Have These 5 Components, It's Doomed
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When you want a new car, building one from scratch doesn’t figure high on the list of options. You’d need to be a serious expert mechanic to source all the different parts and put them together correctly, and even then, it would take a massive investment of time and energy.

Yet that’s effectively the scenario that marketing departments around the world have found themselves in. Modern marketers are living in an ever more complex environment, with more channels, more content, more touchpoints, and more tools than ever before. At the same time, marketing leaders are under more pressure than ever to drive real results and demonstrate their impact on the business.

The response of most marketing departments over time has been to reach for a grab bag of different solutions to address individual pain points. They might buy some analytical tools to get better reports, or workflow tools to tackle inefficient processes or institute quarterly off-site meetings to plot campaign strategy. And they can choose between around 8,000 different marketing technology tools on the market.

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