Thinking about digital, time, priorities and what people do all day

Gartner 10 Oct 2019 11:30

We are all busy, some of us are truly busy others feel or like to think of themselves as busy.  I got to thinking about that after working people who are new to Agile methods and digital thinking.  These were managers and leaders in legacy companies.  The conversation flowed around new ways of working, particularly in an agile or digital way, as they wanted to get some ideas regarding the secret sauce.

The logic of legacy thinking

They understood the idea of being predominately focused on and doing the most important things.  Their challenges were about how you put those things into practice.  As we talked, a few things became clear.  First, they viewed agile and digital as things that were in addition to their current roles and ways of working, not replacements for them.  Second, they were concerned about what happened to the work they were doing now?  Did it get done by someone else?  Did it get automated?  Did it get done on the weekends?  They even talked about hiring people to do their current work so they could go join agile programs.

Agile and digital thinking techniques are about figuring out what is the most important, the first stuff and then organizing and doing that work.  The first stuff is not always exciting.  It can be drudgery, but the important thing is the reason why that work is important – that is the motivator.

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