News: B2B Marketing’s first B2B community welcomes major players

B2B Marketing 07 Apr 2021 10:10

Community is not a new thing. In fact, there’s a community (whether online or in person) for pretty much everything. But, until January 2021, there was not a community for B2B marketers. That’s right – a sector worth billions did not have a dedicated 24/7 365 space for its people to gather, share ideas, overcome challenges and help their organisations and careers grow.

So, what happened in January 2021? Well, Propolis was born – a B2B Marketing community that allows marketers to do just that.

And whilst it’s still early days, the community has been quickly growing, and ideas firing around like neurons in a great, vibrant B2B brain.

Dale Welch, senior manager, demand generation, Autodesk, is one such member. Speaking on Propolis, he said: “Joining a community of other marketers is such an effective way of learning from others’ experiences. It is easy to become consumed by your own immediate environment, including acronyms, rules and expectations, so a community like Propolis helps to really keep the finger on the pulse in the market and most importantly challenge your own biases.”

And life in the CX Hive is looking great already. Dean Lindsay, 8x8, had this to say on one CX Hive session: “I thought it was very good, insightful and I thought Barbara [Propolis CX Hive Expert] was excellent in her knowledge, delivery and igniting discussion in the group. I thought that Sam was very good knowledgeable too. It was also good to discuss with peers on best practice and learnings. I really enjoyed it!”

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