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The Drum 02 Jun 2020 09:11
By Drum Network-02 June 2020 10:11am

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At times like these, we think it‘s more important than ever to celebrate the achievements in marketing that we‘re proud of. We've been delighted by the responses we received to our call-out for those achievements from our members, which we're proud to share here.

Dan Russell, managing director, Seven Stones

My proudest moment isn’t a campaign, or even really about changing someone’s mind, but a change in behaviour and action that acted as the most impactful message.

I was co-running an account management department of 120 people at the time and while professionally we were busy setting a vision and strategic priorities for the year, personally I was being a new father to twin boys and wanting to be present and supporting at home.

I took two months pat leave and set a precedent for many others to follow, that it was okay to take time off to be with your family, and it was staggering to see how many other people did as a result.

We’re seeing the other side of colleagues for the first time – from seeing their homes in the background of Zoom calls to ping pong challenges with the kids on the new Slack channel. People are thinking more personally and priorities are shifting – we’re getting used to making dinner and bath time every night – and we’re not going to want to give all that up when the lockdown is lifted.

Emily Perryment, account executives, Kemosabe

With many airlines boasting highly rated products, ANA’s 5-Star status was not enough to secure them as the first choice for travellers flying to Japan. Hence, we coined the simple yet evocative phrase, ‘We Are Japan’. This message, in conjunction with authentic imagery and a wanderlust tone of voice, allowed ANA to take ownership of Japan through a destination driven strategy; revealing the trends, traditions and secrets that only the locals know. Establishing ANA as intrinsically Japanese united all aspects of the company: the culture embedded in the impeccable customer service and the craft involved in the product design and amenities, promoting the notion that your Japanese experience begins the moment you step on board the plane.

Our latest content campaign saw six times more audience engagement than previous campaigns, and the work we’ve produced has proved to be award-winning. What is clear from the campaign’s success is that if your message is authentic and clear, it will naturally roll out into everything your brand does. We hoped to achieve greater brand recall of ANA as the best airline of Japan through engaging with a destination-led strategy; and by selling the real Japan to the luxury leisure market, we turned ANA into the dependable voice of the nation.

I love the marketing industry. I took my first marketing role straight out of university where I studied business and communications, and never looked back since.

Leading the largest delivery service and growing it to all-time peak levels was a feeling of relief and huge motivation to drive forward. As with all success, 99% of this is credited to the wonderful team I was working with and new people brought into the team.

In 2016, I realised a lifelong ambition – to become a published author, and I was able to combine two loves of mine (SEO/digital marketing and writing/expertise sharing). My first book, ‘Tactical SEO’ gave me the chance to bring something completely new to the company I worked with, and to showcase another level of credibility and commercial value. I felt this sent a positive message that you can combine your interests in a way that is mutually beneficial (personally and professionally), unique to you, and aspire to achieve outside of any perceived traditional measurements.

My third professional achievement that stands out is joining our company operations team and taking on the role of overseeing all of our search marketing delivery services.

A lesson learnt so far with my latest role change is to manifest my enthusiasm to getting ventures progressing in alternative ways, outside of jumping in and making things happen directly as a default stance.

Integrated working is so much more meaningful on many levels (when efficient and effectively led) and I will champion this approach for a long time to follow.

When we win accounts as agencies, we celebrate the pride, validation and sense of achievement such success brings (and, let’s face it, the money.) But when you win a client that means your efforts will help people live better lives, it means just that little bit more.

In creating Guild’s brand – its visual and verbal identity – we’re doing our bit to get their message out there. Which isn’t just about promoting them, by the way. It’s also about tackling the broader issues older people face: negative, socially ingrained stereotypes that affect older people now and that, if they’re not done away with, will affect us all in the future.

And what have we learned from this? Well, it’s not so much a lesson and more of a reminder: that the things you should be most proud of are things you do to help others.

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