Customer storytelling: what do you want them to tell about you?

Entrepeneur 14 Sep 2021 08:30

An effective way to promote your business is by having your customers say good things about you.

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  • A satisfied customer shares his positive experience with 9 people on average. A dissatisfied person does it with 16.
  • If you want me to speak well of you, exceed my expectations and I will create the story that will attract new customers.
  • Think of your business as something you can look at, hear, touch, and even smell or taste.

Surely once you went to buy in a store, to have dinner at a restaurant or did tourism in such a place because someone recommended it to you. And the reverse: surely you avoided going to such a car dealership or enrolling in some academy because your best friend told you pests about them. The story that customers tell matters to attract (or repel) new customers.

Idea: if you want me to speak well of you to my peers, exceed my expectations and I will create the story that will bring you new clients.

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