The 1619 Project's 'Born on the Water' is the book all American children need

Mashable 18 Nov 2021 10:53

Picture yourself as a Black elementary school student who was just assigned a project to trace your family’s roots. You notice that your white peers have no problems at all going back hundreds of years to document their lineage, but outside of your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, you have no clue what your family history looks like.

Sadly, as a Black dad I remember how that was the case for me as a child, and I know it still is the reality for many Black children across America — including my own. It’s just another way that we feel “less than” or unworthy as we try to navigate our way through a country that doesn’t love us in a way that we wish it did.

Born on the Water aims to solve a portion of that problem by answering the pervasive question of “where did Black people really come from?” in a way that is inspiring, emotional, informative, and real. The protagonist gets that same assignment that has bedeviled so many Black children, and learns from her grandmother the origin story of her people.

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