6 Inspiring Women Changing Tech and Business This New Year

Entrepeneur 11 Jan 2019 05:00
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Sophia Amoruso

The tech industry has proven time and time again that there’s nowhere to go but up, and proof of this lies with the fact that some of the deserving heroes behind this growth are actually heroines.

Women may not populate the industry as much as their male counterparts, but just stop a moment and take a look at all the awards and conferences out there now dedicated to women in tech and business: We're talking the Stevie Awards for Women in Business and the Women in Silicon Valley annual conference.

If these symbols of prestige tell us anything, it’s that the world is pushing for more women to take the lead.

Women are stepping up to the challenge. Until the time comes when the industry offers all women equal opportunity and representation, the following six up-and-coming women are role models and evidence of female leaders making tech waves from multiple corners of the globe.

Image credit: JP Yim | Getty Images

Sophia Amoruso

A few years ago, you might have heard about Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso and her unlikely story of having built a multi-million-dollar online vintage clothing store. Her rags-to-riches story -- and New York Times bestselling autobiography -- arguably catapulted  the “#Girlboss” lifestyle to mainstream fame.  But then disaster hit; and after Nasty Gal’s very public bankruptcy filing in 2016, Amoruso stepped down as CEO and sold the company.

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