Audio killed the video star: Why the new king of content

Entrepeneur 03 May 2021 09:33
Audio killed the video star: Why the new king of content
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By Mtro. Daniel Ortíz Otegui / Universidad Panamericana *

Legend has it that in the past there were people who spent their time listening to the radio to listen to "the song of the moment" and recorded it on a cassette to put together their Awesome Mix and enjoy it at any other time. Others, patiently waited for the program of their interest (obviously it was not a newscast) to appear so they could listen to their favorite host talk about topics that ranged from advice to pass the level in the fashion video game to the interview with the group that played that song.

Radio (not radio, because the latter is a device) kept and still keeps people entertained and informed on a huge variety of subjects and has done so for a long time. Radio has evolved, some will remember or have heard about the iconic radio broadcast of Orson Wells and the War of the Worlds , the gradual disappearance of AM and the appearance of satellite and digital radio. In 2017, Norway turned off its FM signal to make way for digital broadcasts that are generated with lower costs and higher sound quality.

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