The Sales and Marketing Alignment Gap

Gartner 09 Jun 2021 02:33

Sales and marketing teams have always been at odds with each other. It’s easy for someone outside the organization — for example, an analyst — to say that they just need to work together to achieve alignment. There are plenty of internal obstacles to overcome, such as people, process and even technology preventing these functions from truly working together. But it can be just as hard to define the areas where they need to collaborate. And more specifically, what overall sales and marketing alignment looks like. 

Sales and marketing alignment is a large initiative that very few organizations talk about. They ask about elements that lead to alignment. Teams want to know how to generate more demand, more pipeline and even how to work together. That is different from being aligned. Alignment implies that both teams are in lockstep from top to bottom. Unrealistic? Maybe. But once you realize alignment is comprised of a series of specific actions that ultimately generate revenue, consider the most important tactics to collaborate on and w

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