From Ben & Jerry’s to ITV: meet The Drum Awards for social purpose jury 2020

The Drum 23 Sep 2020 05:30
Farah Razman Golant, chief executive of Kyu EMEA

2020. Some say it’s a write off, but others believe it can be salvaged. Particularly for social purpose.

Amid the pandemic, businesses are continuing to uphold values and giving the consumers what they want, brands with purpose and meaning.

The Drum Awards for Social Purpose celebrate the people and brands, making a positive contribution through responsible marketing.

This year’s judging panel sees Clare Phillips, head of social purpose at ITV who will take on the role as jury chair. There will also be experts from around the globe including; MilliporeSigma, Kyu, Goodvertising, Cultural Solutions Group, UM Worldwide, OMD, Dole Packaged Foods, the Conscious Advertising Net, Good Agency, Social Mission, Team UnLimbited, New Macho, Iris, Ben & Jerry’s and more.

The deadline for the awards have passed, but you can apply for an extension now. Make sure you submit your work for a chance to be recognised on a global stage.

Clare Phillips
Clare Phillips
director of social purpose
Phillips is director of social purpose at ITV, with overall responsibility for ITV’s social purpose strategy to shape culture for good. She leads a team which is focused on using the power of TV to inspire positive change in the UK and beyond. Phillips started her career in advertising at JWT, moving to AMV BBDO where she was the brand planner on the award winning Economist campaign. She then moved into TV and joined BBC’s in-house creative agency Red Bee, heading the brand strategy team for six years, working on the successful rebrand of the TV channel Dave. After leading Channel 4’s research and insight team, she joined ITV in June 2013 to lead brand planning in marketing, moving to her current role in the social purpose team in January 2019.
I’m very excited about chairing this year’s Drum Awards for Social Purpose. Brands increasingly need to demonstrate that they are making a positive contribution over and above selling and making a profit. Marketing has the power to shape the world for good and these awards will celebrate those who have done just that. I’m looking forward to seeing which brands and teams have created the biggest change and I’m excited to learn how they went about it. I want to read papers with a clear strategy that’s led to bold creative ideas and impressive results. And I’d like it to be beautifully told too. Purpose shouldn’t be worthy or dull.
Farah Razman Golant
Farah Razman Golant
chief executive
Razman Golant has worked for three decades in the global creative and media industries with the unfaltering belief in the power of creativity to tackle the world’s toughest problems. She has led commercial companies of scale as well as a not-for-profit enterprise of significance. Her quest at Kyu, since joining in 2018, is to enable purpose-led growth of a creative collective in a cutting-edge, 21st century formation. From 2015 to 2018, Razman Golant was seconded by Nike Inc. to be the chief executive officer of Girl Effect, a creative non-profit building youth brands and mobile platforms to empower girls to change their lives. Previously, she was chief executive of All3Media and had a 22-year career at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, working with the CEOs and boards of Sainsbury’s, BT, Eurostar, EDF Energy, The Economist, Aviva, Mars, Mercedes, Pepsi, GE and Starbucks.
It is vital in these challenging times to commit to purpose-led growth and breakthrough the stranglehold of the status quo. To develop strategies and creative ideas to propel the economy and society forwards, as they are indisputably interwoven. My experience in the global creative industries and my lived insight as the chief executive officer of Nike Foundation’s Girl Effect makes me excited about these important awards. We seek to be inspired, to imagine at scale and to mobilise for greater impact.
Dorinda Walker
Cultural Solutions Group
Dorinda Walker
chief executive officer
Walker is an acclaimed author of the book Protected by Purpose, an award-winning cultural strategist, multicultural marketing executive and chief exec of Cultural Solutions Group, a marketing consultancy that provides strategic insights and solutions for brands to engage diverse consumers in the workplace and marketplace.Having served 20 years in the financial services industry, Walker has dedicated her career to advancing gender, racial and financial equity among underserved consumers. Walker is a highly accomplished innovative leader with outstanding results in marketing and community engagement. She’s a demonstrated change agent who has generated a combined $100m in life insurance and annuity sales by leading campaigns and community engagement initiatives that have enhanced brand affinity among women and diverse markets.
Marketing has the power to inspire confidence, action, and challenge our thinking. I am proud to be among the panel of The Drum Award judges honoring the creative work of professionals dedicated to social purpose and positive change. In a time of so much uncertainty, it’s important to acknowledge the work of people working to make a difference.
Sara Porritt
Sara Porritt
senior director of integrated media planning
Porritt is a senior director of integrated media planning with over a decade of experience working with CPG and Telco giants, utilizing empathy as the language of data in crafting impactful media and investment strategies. Having thrived in many circumstances where she was “the only”, Porritt champions and leads diversity and inclusion for OMD USA with the goal of cultivating a work culture where all ethnicities, genders, backgrounds, and levels feel empowered to share their unique perspectives, and know that they are heard and valued. She believes it’s imperative that a brand’s story is the human story.
As a diversity and inclusion lead who also works in integrated media planning, purpose and passion are the two core reasons why I get up each and every morning. We have a lot of power both as marketers and as consumers, and in that power lies an inherent responsibility towards our culture and our communities. I’m excited to explore all the wonderful brands who are not only champions of social good in external facing ways, but also champions of purpose at its core and with its people. Truly purposeful brands and campaigns have to have that deep level of authenticity, and I look forward to seeing how that shines through in the entries.
Harriet Kingaby
The Conscious Advertising Net
Harriet Kingaby
Kingaby is a multi award-winning communications and brand safety strategist, who has worked with some of the world’s biggest (and smallest) brands, start-ups and social enterprises to land international campaigns, build brands with purpose and create behaviour change programs with impact. Her career has spanned agencies from Media Bounty, to Ogilvy, to co-founding BoraCo in 2017. She is also partially responsible for the Boris/Trump kiss mural that galvanised millennials to vote in the UK’s EU referendum. She co-founded The Conscious Advertising Network with Jake Dubbins of Media Bounty in 2018 and has since seen it gain international recognition, partner with ISBA and the UN, and grow to over 90 members from O2 to Accenture Interactive.
I’ve spent my entire career working with organisations making positive changes in the world and it is an absolute honour to be part of this judging panel. We live in tumultuous times, and people are increasingly looking to brands to fill leadership vacuums. Responses to social purpose briefs should be bold and impactful. I'm looking for impact measured in terms of action, change and sentiment, not just clicks and likes. The world is on fire, our response must reflect this.
Dora Nikols
Social Mission
Dora Nikols
PR and social purpose specialist
Nikols is a PR and social purpose specialist who works with brands who want to gain media exposure and do good in the world, so they not only stand out but stand for something. She helps brands and leaders find their social purpose so they leave behind a powerful legacy. With over 20 years of PR experience, Nikols has worked with leading corporate social purpose leaders like Unilever, Tamburlaine Organic Wines, non-profit organisations and aspiring start-ups who want to change the world. She helps brands win the hearts, minds and emotions of their audience by creating stories with meaning and purpose because today 89% of consumers want to know how companies are making the world a better place.
As a PR and social purpose specialist in Australia, I am participating in The Drum Awards for Social Purpose because I’m passionate about brands who stand for something. I also want more of our brands Down Under to recognise today’s need to have a bold social purpose and infuse it into corporate culture and all PR and marketing activities. What I’m looking for as a judge are brands that have chosen one key social purpose that aligns to their brand values, they have raised awareness for their cause in a many ways and shown how this has grown their brand, engaged their audience in a meaningful way and made a genuine difference.”
Fernando Desouches
Fernando Desouches
managing director
Originally from Argentina, Desouches is managing director of New Macho, which is the male expertise division of London-based advertising agency, BBD Perfect Storm. With more than 20 years of experience in marketing to men, including at Unilever where he served as global brand director for Dove Men+Care and led the Lynx/Axe brand’s second-only brand repositioning, Desouches has provided important industry insights on cultural conversations around masculinity for his clients and for the public. In addition to being a frequent contributor in major media outlets, he is a regular speaker at industry events like AdWeek EU, renowned institutions like UNWomen Unstereotype Alliance and several universities around the globe.
Today, maybe more than ever before, people are looking for brands to step-up and make a positive impact on the world. This holistic understanding of a marketing campaign is not simply a trend, but the way brands will live in the hearts and minds of consumers and ultimately differentiate themselves going forward. I’m really excited to see how creativity can redesign our world and the way we all do business.
Kalli Swaik
Ben & Jerry's
Kalli Swaik
head of Asia and new markets
As Ben & Jerry’s point person in Asia Pacific, Swaik’s responsible for crafting brand strategy and communication plans for the region, as well as coordinating new market expansion around the world. But it doesn’t stop there. Like all Ben & Jerry’s employees, Swaik stands up when there’s a cause worth fighting for. That passion has put her centre-stage in a number of change-making campaigns, taking on issues of climate and social justice from Australia to Singapore. Most recently, she was instrumental in Ben & Jerry’s ‘Unfudge our Future’ campaign, calling on Australia’s leaders to make fossil fuels history and build a clean, resilient and fair future for Australia.
Around the world we are witnessing the increasing impacts of climate change and polarization of our societies. As a passionate believer that brands and businesses have a responsibility to take action and be part of the solution, I am thrilled to be a member of The Drum Awards for Social Purpose jury. What I’m hoping to see from this year’s entries are examples of truly impactful and creative campaigns which have delivered real tangible results beyond any skin deep marketing measures.

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