Rose McGowan’s advice to marketers: Sell what you would want to be sold

Marketing Week 11 Oct 2019 11:53

The activist, actress and director believes marketers have great power to impact behaviour and they must take that responsibility seriously.

Rose McGowan highlighed the issue of women too often being shown doing household chores in advertising.

Rose McGowan has warned marketers to really think about the products they are selling and the messages they are conveying through their advertising.

Opening day two of the Festival of Marketing this morning (11 October), McGowan said marketers have to consider their impact and take their responsibility seriously.

“Take care. Really consider what you are putting into people’s minds. Really consider the tiny details. Really consider how you bend people’s minds, affect them,” she said.

“You all have jobs that are very specific to you. But sell what you would want to be sold. And consider what you do to other people. You put product in minds, that is what the job is. Be careful, think about it.”

McGowan rose to prominence as an actress in films such as Jawbreaker and Scream, as well as TV series Charmed. She has since become as well known for her activism and is a prominent voice in the #metoo movement.

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