‘More of an acceptable concept’: Publishers test more frequent ad price changes

Digiday 16 Oct 2020 04:01
October 16, 2020 by Max Willens

Ad buyers have gotten used to many new things in 2020 and as the year rumbles towards a close, several large publishers are hoping that more frequent changes in ad pricing becomes yet another new normal.

After surging traffic and declining ad spending compelled many publishers to drop ad prices this spring, sometimes by as much as 20%, a growing number have begun going the other way, upping their prices ahead of periods of anticipated demand, according to several buy- and sell-side sources. The changes are typically made on publishers’ most sought-after inventory, such as on-site pre-roll video, or podcast ads, and they can be substantial, sometimes as high as 20% above normal CPMs, two agency sources said.

In some cases, the changes in price are made quarter by quarter. But some publishers, partly in response to the shorter planning cycles that advertisers have been forced to use, are now evaluating their prices on a monthly basis, looking for the best balance between their supply and advertiser demand.

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