Pepsi recycles its 2020 Christmas ad and invests in offline experiences

Campaign 24 Nov 2021 03:55

Pepsi Max is once again encouraging people to try something new this festive season, by re-releasing its old Christmas ad.

Created by Truant, "Christmas refreshed" was first released in November 2020 and features UK hip hop stars Kamakaze and TrueMendous.

To refresh the campaign for 2021, Pepsi Max has partnered with Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and Backyard Cinema. Through the festive partnerships that form part of its wider 2021 holiday campaign "Refresh Your Christmas", Pepsi aims to build on its approach from 2020 by bringing the online festive experience offline for consumers to enjoy in person.

2021 marks the second year Pepsi Max has partnered with Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, following a Christmas activation in 2019. At the event, the sugar-free cola brand will take over the fire pit. Guests can expect live bands, DJ sets and bespoke Pepsi Max cocktails from an open-air bar.

As headline sponsor of Backyard Cinema, the brand will be taking over the Wandsworth location with a bespoke bar where guests can create shareable festive photo moments and order unique cocktails. The serves include a lime-flavoured "Vodka rockin"; a "Rum n' ziiiing" made with Pepsi Max raspberry; brandy-based "Brandy bursting" with Pepsi Max cherry; and a "Whiskey MAXIN". 

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