The data-driven marketer of the future

The Drum 12 Jun 2019 05:18
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As the marketing ecosystem continues to expand, the role of the CMO and our team of marketers is evolving as well. Marketers are using a multitude of channels and platforms to reach their customers where they are-- while this fosters rich opportunity, it also brings added complexity. The fractured landscape makes it difficult for marketers to get a holistic view of their customer data and analyze marketing performance. The power of data and technology provides a solution that gives marketers the tools they need to solve for these challenges through a data-driven approach.

Through investment in cutting-edge analytics platforms that track performance on every marketing activity, marketers are empowered to gain control of their data. This results in exceptional, intelligent experiences across the entire customer lifecycle. This is the foundation of my approach to marketing and critical to Datorama’s mission. At Datorama, we provide a cloud-based, AI-powered marketing intelligence and analytics platform that acts as a single source of truth for integrating marketing data, tracking campaign performance and analyzing return on investment.

The reality of the future of marketing is that the volume and complexity of data is only going to increase. Meanwhile, CMOs face growing pressures to link ROI back to each marketing investment and activity. Advancements in marketing technology make it possible for future marketers to be focused on the bigger picture-- meeting customers with the right content at the right touchpoints and driving growth, which levels up to all C-suite conversations. This is one of my key focuses as a CMO and one that I believe will continue to transform marketing leaders of the future.

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