Tech trends for 2019 revealed by Deloitte

B2B Marketing 08 Feb 2019 11:19

Artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT) interconnected with 5G networks and new generation marketing tools are set to significantly influence marketing this year, according to Deloitte.

The annual Tech Trends report surveyed more than a thousand CIOs. It found 44% of international corporations and large companies currently see the benefit of AI in enhancing products. While 42% of respondents saw it benefit internal process optimisation, and 35% saw improvements to decision-making processes.

Štěpán Húsek, partner in the consulting function at Deloitte said the company expect the role of AI in companies will grow fast. “In the current IT environment, cognitive tools have become a standard already. In the coming years, AI will serve not only to enhance employee performance but mainly automate a range of business and operational processes.”

The report also anticipates a rise in the use of IoT due to the launch of 5G networks which will provide greater speed for data transfer.

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