ePaper readers are a younger, more profitable group than print readers: A case study from Germany

What's New in Publishing 24 Sep 2020 07:30

Aa new report on the state of ePaper readership in Germany has been released by Die Zeitungen. German-speakers can find the full report here. To bring this information to a wider audience, we have translated the findings into English for our Future of News community. Join us as we explore five key findings on who the German ePaper reader is.

1. ePaper readership grew 20% in Q2

In Q2 alone, ePaper circulation in Germany rose by 20%. As we have seen in other countries, part of this growth is likely due to the Coronavirus crisis. Now every eighth newspaper sold in Germany is an ePaper. Still, coronavirus is not the only reason why we have seen such growth, many publishers see yearly growth.

One such publisher that has seen ePaper growth is DuMont, the publisher of a number of newspaper titles in the Cologne area (Kölner Stadt Anzeiger, Express and Kölner Rundschau). Carsten Gross, Managing Director, confirms the growing importance of the ePaper in the digital strategy of their newspapers.

Our ePaper readers are loyal and engaged, and we see growth in new edition readers every year.

Of ePaper readers, 34% only read the ePaper for their news consumption.

This group also on average is fully employed and has achieved a higher level of education. In addition, some ePaper readers are among the highest earners: 43% earn over 3,000 euros net per month, while one in five has a household income of more than 4,000 euros net.

We will continue to study the ePaper market in Germany and will publish a report later this year. 

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