How data visualisation turns marketing metrics into business intelligence

The Drum 08 Apr 2021 07:00
By Henry Carless-08 April 2021 08:00am

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Data visualisation is one of the most important skills a marketer can have. Every day, we use platforms like Google Ads that collect and visualise data for us but they tend to have limited focus.

However, we can export the same data to other platforms that allow us to manipulate it in different ways and extract insights that inform bigger marketing and business decisions. In this article, we look at how we used one PPC metric to discover a major untapped opportunity for a national company – all thanks to data visualisation.

Why do marketers visualise data?

This is why data visualisation exists: to group, organise and represent data sets in a way that allows us to analyse larger quantities of information, compare findings, spot patterns and extract meaningful insights from raw data.

Turning metrics into something more meaningful

To emphasise the impact data visualisation can have, let’s focus on one single metric in Google Ads: impressions.

However, we can still do more with this impression data by visualising it in more descriptive ways.

Bar charts can help us compare impression performance for each of our client’s business locations but we want to maximise the value of this data. So, the question is: how can we visualise this in a more meaningful way?

The problem with this visualisation is that it only shows impressions and we’ve lost our branch locations in the process. So we can’t see where these impressions are in relation to our clients’ branches, which is an important insight.

So, now we can see which locations have the highest impressions, where our clients’ search visibility is greatest and – most importantly – locations where they’re generating impressions but don’t have a local store.

Turning insights into action

Instead, we can show our client that Manchester is the most profitable location to open a new branch and demonstrate that the interest in their business is already there and untapped – all of which we have determined from visualising one Google Ads metric to maximise its value.

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