What We Can Learn From Natural Grocers' 65 Years of Success

Entrepeneur 21 Nov 2020 04:00
What We Can Learn From Natural Grocers' 65 Years of Success
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When Heather Isely and her siblings were plotting out how to commemorate the 65th anniversary of their family run organic-market chain, Natural Grocers, they envisioned all manner of dynamic in-person promotions. It only made sense, given the Lakewood, Colorado-rooted company's decades-long immersion in the towns and cities surrounding its more than 150 locations across 20 states.

"We adapt to the communities we go into," confirms Isely, who serves as executive vice president of Natural Grocers, which her parents, Margaret and Phillip Isely, started in 1955 with a single location. "We try and figure out what the community is interested in and how we can help them."

Alas, the year-long celebration has, like virtually all other customer engagement around the world, rematerialized through online entreaties. In Natural Grocers' case, that means interactive offerings such as an online Sundae Fundae Photo Contest and Baking Mixes Instagram Giveaway, the latter of which is still actively accepting entries. But that only underscores how Natural Grocers has endured for the better part of a century, despite the existential threat that is Whole Foods and, more recently, insurgents à la L.A.'s celeb-spotting produce paradise Erewhon

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