How to Drive Traffic to Your Website From Social Media

Fourth Source 06 Feb 2019 09:00

Your website is great — engaging, insightful, and filled with information that can lead a customer through the sales funnel to the ultimate point of purchase. But how can you drive potential customers to that perfect site?

Many businesses believe SEO is the trick to securing website traffic, but the methodology for optimizing your keywords seems to change often, and a first-page ranking today can quickly fall to a second- or third-page placement tomorrow if you don’t keep up with the competition.

To drive traffic to their website, businesses should be turning their attention to social media — a veritable gold mine of website traffic leads for a company.

The numbers don’t lie – social media drives website traffic. A significant majority of social media users (81%) click through to a company’s website, including 21% who click through at least once per day.

81% of people click through to businesses' websites from social media

And the younger the target audience, the more effective social media can be.

For example, 90% of millennials (ages 18-34) are likely to click through to a company’s website from social media. Generation Xers (ages 35-54) are not far behind at 80%, while baby boomer conversion rates fall to about 61%, which is still a significant majority within that age group.

On the opposite end of the target spectrum, baby boomers are more interested in value than flashiness. They are looking for some sort of bargain, and they are willing to jump through a few hoops to get more bang for their buck. If you give the right incentive, they will click through to your site.

Meanwhile, the Generation Xers are in the middle, both figuratively and literally. As shown above, both the visual and offer/promotion strategies can attract a decent number of Generation Xers and get them to click through to your website from social media.

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Kristen Herhold