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What's New in Publishing 29 May 2020 06:30

What’s ‘up’ for publishers? Traffic, subscriptions and commerce revenue

A light at the end of the tunnel

Even as the industry has taken a massive hit due to coronavirus, it’s heartening to know that almost half of publishers either exceeded their forecasts, or managed to hit their Q1 numbers. But even amongst publishers who took a hit in the first quarter, the largest subgroup missed their estimates by single-digit percentages.

That’s not to diminish the impact of the virus on businesses, as we’ve sadly seen huge swathes of layoffs and closures across the industry. It is also likely that the real pain for many publishers will come in Q2, particularly when considering the effects of furloughed staff and struggles with ad campaign rebookings.

Despite this, many publishers can see a light at the end of the tunnel, with a survey this week revealing that the average publisher expects things to normalise in early 2021. There are other bright spots: subscriptions have either increased or stayed consistent for 86% of publishers, and there have been modest gains across other revenue lines like commerce and affiliate revenue.

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What’s ‘up’ for publishers? Traffic, subscriptions, and commerce revenue.

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