Lotame Panorama ID earns industry support as third-party cookie deadline looms

What's New in Publishing 19 Jan 2021 10:41

Lotame, a global provider of data enrichment solutions to drive customer insights and turn personas into addressable advertising, has announced that Magnite, the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising platform, will support its Lotame Panorama ID, the first global, people-based, privacy-compliant and interoperable identity solution for a cookieless web.

Lotame Panorama ID claims to be the “only enriched global identity solution” at a time when the entire advertising ecosystem is fractured as it looks to steer a clear course through the sunsetting of third-party cookies in 2022. As a delivery mechanism for privacy-compliant, rich, pseudonymized data, individual Panorama IDs carry an average of 200+ behavioral attributes.

Other partners to announce they will support Lotame’s Panorama ID include Sovrn, the publisher technology platform, and Eyeota, the audience technology platform.

Magnite and Sovrn will integrate the Lotame Panorama ID to help increase publisher inventory value and enable advertisers to target first- and third-party audience data on ‘cookieless’ inventory. With access to previously invisible audiences across browsers, publishers using these SSPs will be able to start using cookieless identity solutions immediately, protecting them once third-party cookies are retired next year.

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